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Aberthol — “sacrifice”.

. However, like other cool surnames, Delaney is now used as a given name for girls and, in some cases, boys.

Adwr — “coward”.


” Kerwin is a tad cuter with his dark ties, meaning “little dark one. . This is a charming female Celtic name that means “the son of the Cionaodh.

30+ Gender Neutral Irish Names.

. Old Irish name derived from dub "dark, black" in combination with a second element of unknown meaning. May 22, 2023 · Blevins says the result is a "seismic shift" in the political landscape of Northern Ireland, "when you consider that we now have a Sinn Fein first minister designate at Stormont in the form of.

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Brunhilde (German origin) meaning "dark or noble"; a name associated with Brunhilde Pomsel, a secretary related to the World War 2.


. Perran is a boy’s name that means “little dark one.

Ann - A Hebrew name meaning graceful. 33.

entrepreneur who invented the eponymous line of sweets; Peak Popularity: Duncan.
Raven Darkholme is the real name of Mystique, heroine of the X-Men films played by Jennifer Lawrence.
This was the name of a few early saints.

Adriana is one of the most charming among girl names that mean dark, with little reference to evil or darkness.

Origin: Arabic.

Aug 2, 2022 · Gaelic Scottish Girl Names and Meanings. 100 Celtic Baby Names: Meanings & Origins. Discover 105 charming Celtic boy names with fascinating origins, adorable meanings, and various styles and popularity levels.

The Gaelic form is Dùghlas or Dùbhghlas. Celtic - High Minded; A variation of name is Aneirin. Adwr — “coward”. Adda — Welsh version of Adam, “of the red earth”. May 12, 2023 · A dark colored wood that do not sink, ebony.

Aug 2, 2022 · Gaelic Scottish Girl Names and Meanings.

Origin: Latin. Some literally meandark,” like Darcy.

Origin: English, Latin.



Pronunciation: ah-dri-AN-a, a-DHRYA-na.

Jean - A French name that was quite popular in Scotland for centuries meaning God is gracious.